Shop Betting

For betting shops, a sophisticated modern all-in-one POS, integrated with printer and scanner services, provides shop agents a professional way to conducting the betting business. The product supports the whole process of betting, settling and shop management in the most cost-effective, efficient, secure, reliable and fully functional manner. It offers real-time automatic update of the information of the betting market opportunities on events, scores and results preventing any mistakes or inconsistencies on data (odds, prices, scores, etc.) from occurring.

The product can be installed on an unlimited number of dedicated terminals of the betting organization and offers a direct, professional and high-quality betting channel. The system allows bookmakers to scan and process customized Optical Magnetic Recognition (OMR) or Mark-Sense and handwritten bet capture forms fast, increasing their performance and lowering risks of possible errors through intelligent and automatic validation and processing of data. It is fully integrated with centralized accounting system that minimizes business risks and allows full control over the betting and settling processes. The pioneering design and functionality offered provides a fully functional product through user-friendly interfaces and easy to use and handle betting operations.