betologic offers a host of products and services that involve customized and packaged integrated software solutions. High-risk information technology (IT) projects from a wide-range of sectors are involved, some of which are Sportsbook Software, Betting Shop Systems, Betting Exchange Software, Accounting Management Systems, Risk Management Decision Support Systems, Customer Relationship Management Systems, Customer Risk Management & Evaluation Systems, Teletext Sports Solutions, Call Center & Telephone Betting Systems, etc.


Hosting Services

The company supports a cost effective and secure environment for hosting the business solutions of customers and partners. Our committed services ensure security control based on policies and procedures to prevent accidental or malicious loss of data and unauthorized access to sensitive data and, in addition, offering encryption of confidential business, customer information and intellectual property.

Software Design & Development

Software Design and Development

We ensure that our high-end software innovations align the design of newly devised (software or hardware or services) or existing products with the maximum level of quality in order to meet our customer's expectations. Our development activities include product conceptualization, design, prototyping, initial acceptance tests of features developed and full product development, refinement, configuration and improvement. Our development methodology is based on iterative and incremental processes where requirements and innovative solutions evolve through close customer-developer collaborations.

Consulting & Licensing

Consulting for obtaining a remote gaming license

Our consulting service involves helping customers rationalize products and services portfolios with emerging technologies and market needs. Our strong experience in risk management services enables us to offer consulting and guidance regarding the operations carried out for obtaining a remote gaming license. Through our wide-sector expertise we have the ability to locate the gap between the market need and products, and continuously refine and propose innovative ideas for applications.

We can assist in obtaining a betting license from any juristiction including Cyprus and Malta.


Product Integration

Product Integration

Our dedicated staff provides continuous integration of our products to ensure software is always up-to-date and the required security and software patches, updates and upgrades, both major and minor, are delivered efficiently and effortlessly.

Product Support

Product Support

We provide ongoing product support by enhancing features, quality, performance, availability and reliability in order to ensure their long-term sustenance in the market.

Product Configuration

Product Configuration

Our policy is to continuously and closely manage our products to identify configuration needs and control the required changes to the hardware and/or software, so that all intended parts are sound, with respect to their specifying documents, including requirements, architectural specifications and user manuals.