The Company

betologic emerged from three information technology companies that have over a decade of solid experience and presence in the industry. It specializes in the development and integration of a broad range of programming, database design, client-server and internet/intranet software applications that can add value to the customer's business. betologic employes top excellent professionals, who are continuously educated to master new technologies and procedures in order to give customers an outstanding support and supply of services and products.

betologic provides a broad range of services and quality solutions in hosting, designing, development, configuration, integration and implementation of innovative software for wide-sector and high-risk information technology (IT) projects. Also, the company offers first class consulting and customer services with a customer-centric approach designed to engender customer loyalty.

The company is committed to meet directly the customer's requirements and needs, and together collaborate with the appropriate field-specialists to define clear software specifications from the outset. The people employed in betologic have a long experience and expertise on the state of the art technologies and mobilize the suitable skills in every case to help clients achieve a real and optimum business outcome. With experience at a national and international level, collaborations in a local and global level, partners like, accounting and financial services firms, NGOs and national corporations, Universities, Governmental Bodies, logistic companies, and other SMEs, betologic takes the customers' business to the next level.

betologic's key personnel consists of specialists in their field of work, PhD, MSc and BSc developers and researchers, and best-of-the breed IT talents with domain expertise. They were recruited for their highly qualified professionalism, competence and expertise in technical/detailed design, implementation unit and integration testing and chosen to add-up to the company's wealth of business and consulting experience.

Our Vision

Get engaged and improve our customer's business processes by delivering an outstanding support and supply of high standard IT services and products.


Our Mission

Meet and exceed our customer's expectations by offering state of the art, qualitative and innovative software solutions, and going beyond software, to provide efficient services that ...


Business Strategy

Focus to deliver solutions that optimally satisfy the market niche and considerably add value to the customer's business.


Our Values

The spirit of the people in our company offers a gratifying work environment with maximum development growth opportunities.


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